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Well, we finally got a response from the Division of State Parks about rangers doing nothing but law enforcement and not very visible at that, but the rhetoric is so thick we haven’t deciphered the official response yet.  Meanwhile in the parks, the hell-raising goes on.

By the way, we’re quite confused. Here at the NC State Recreation Areas on Kerr Lake and with the exception of just a few of the old school rangers, our recent report showed that most of the new rangers are here only to be “cops.” They spend their time patrolling and riding the roads.  They spend as much time in the office as they do in the field.  We did see one ranger once in two weeks, actually walk a campground circle.  Where they stay, no one is really sure.  So if they don’t want to be educators, tour information, outdoor interpreters and educators, and they just want to be cops, why is there so much drinking and hell-raising in the parks?

None, you say?  Look at the donuts and ripped up sign.

So for about a week, there has been a large group of hellians with their whooping yells half the night and their boom box boats that you can hear the song words inside your camper a cove away. That’s really been a thrilling joy. The local camp host confronted the hellians one night and they dared him to do anything about it. He called a ranger and no ranger ever came. We are so confused. We thought the rangers wanted to be law dogs!  Maybe it’s time to call the Marines from Camp LeJeune.

And what happened to the rules like two vehicles per campsite? Six campers per site? No alcohol? Silly us. Must be because it’s a holiday. Sure, that’s why the bathhouses get trashed and have to be cleaned up eight times a day.

Good ole NC Division of State Parks, more confusing rhetoric. Anybody seen a ranger?

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