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This blog post comes from an avid lake user and Veteran, Dennis Harris.  We welcome your comments and posts.  Just send an email to or click on the comment section of this blog.

“Another problem related to the hydrilla is that the Corp (US Army Corps of Engineers) is dropping the lake an average of 6 inches every week. Four weeks ago, docks were above the hydrilla, but now with a 2 foot drop in the water level our boats are in the hydrilla and/or must go through the hydrilla to get to open water.

Kerr Lake is a huge economic engine for the surrounding counties, but when people cannot use their boats due to the hydrilla and due to a the lake level being lowered at such a fast and steady rate, then money is not spent by people using the lake. It also creates hazards for boaters who are not familiar with the lake. Depth finders are not very good in warning boaters about rocks and stumps.

I realize that the Corp has a curve that is used to determine the lake level for the year, but it appears that maybe this should be adjusted during the summer by not dropping the water level 6 inches each week. Maybe a more modest drop of 3 inches per week, based upon rain amounts in the basin.

I, along with a number of other people feel that the constant drop in the lake level has compounded the hydrilla problem and that a slower drop in the water level will help the users of the lake and it will provide a longer boost to the local economy.”

Dennis Harris

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