It’s the 11th hour for Kerr Lake and the fast track, bulldoze effort against the citizens of Granville, Vance & Warren as the NC House meets tonight to push through HB 795 which nulls and voids petitions, public outcry and all the other rules that were previously changed to eliminate public scrutiny of the 10-million … Read more

  They are not public speakers.  They are not tree huggers.  They are ordinary citizens, who farm, nurse, teach, promote Vance County, build houses and on and on, just citizens whose voices have been muffled as they try to slow precious water being taken from their homeland and sold for profit to more populous and … Read more

The US Army Corps of Engineers has clarified its position to Kerr Lake Park Watch on water withdrawal from Kerr Lake by KLRWS, saying that the allocation including the 10 million gallons of water per day, was approved years ago. After KLPW asked about the allocation in yesterday’s Corp of Engineers’ water resource meeting, Tony Young, … Read more

Although the group, Roanoke River Basin Association (RRBA), is working on a layman’s version of its opposition to the withdrawal of large amounts of water from Kerr Lake by the Kerr Lake Regional Water System to sell and send to Raleigh and other locations, Kerr Lake Park Watch is compelled to release the RRBA’s legal … Read more

A fairly visible lake support group is up in arms about a proposed and scheduled-to-be-signed water use agreement that could take 10 million gallons of water a day out of Kerr Lake, which could affect lake levels. A news release sent to KLPW and authored by Deborah Ferruccio, a leader the lake support group called … Read more