While the US Army Corps of Engineers continues to study hydrilla and its effects on Kerr Lake, North Carolina State Parks will become the first governmental agency to take action against hydrilla infested areas around the shoreline that borders some popular recreation areas.  Spray treatments are scheduled for next week.

Kerr Lake State Recreation Area leaders announced yesterday that the spraying of herbicides to help contain hydrilla will take place next week.  This comes just in time as summer and the current increase in daily temperatures is the time that the underwater nuisance weed tends to thrive.  It’s also the time that campers flood to the campsites which in many cases border the lake providing swimming and boating opportunities.  Kerr Lake camper Mike Sawaya commented, “I hope the State Parks participate in the eradication effort as available to “water front” property owners. This non-native invasive weed is completely changing the lake camping experience.”

Bryce Fleming, the Superintendent of the seven Kerr Lake state recreation areas said that his staff has been keenly aware of the need to take some control measures on hydrilla’s unwanted presence around boat ramps and swimming areas.  A recent update meeting and some found emergency dollars prompted some treatment.

Fleming added, “Kerr Lake State Recreation Area personnel are concerned about the hydrilla found in the lake around some of the facilities we operate.  We were able to secure some funding for hydrilla treatment after receiving the Kerr Lake Vegetation Survey.  Our resources are currently limited, but we do want to take action to at least treat a few high priority locations.   Recreation areas that will likely receive some treatment are Hibernia, Henderson Point and Kimball Point.  We plan to conduct hydrilla treatment on June 25th and 26th if weather permits.

Kerr Lake Park Watch’s Frank Timberlake was quick to praise Fleming’s fast herbicide application plan, “Bryce and his staff aren’t sitting on their hands on the hydrilla problem.  It doesn’t take a scientist to see that hydrilla is more than a menace to park experiences around infected areas at Kerr Lake.  Out in the water a couple of weeks ago, I walked in the mess and got tangled up.  My 25-pound boat anchor weighed 100 pounds when we pulled it up covered in the choking weed.  Kerr Lake Park Watch views this as a positive, pro-active step for which state parks must continue to fund.  Control of hydrilla is the focus now.”

Superintendent Fleming added that by several state agencies and groups working together, the effect of the money found to conduct the immediate herbicide application at Kerr Lake was at least doubled.

The US Army Corps of Engineers which actually owns and operates the lake so far is not claiming any responsibility for trying to control hydrilla.  The Corps’ position currently is to provide a list of approved application companies which can be hired by waterfront property owners to spray for control of hydrilla.

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