It’s very simple. You have ten days to make your voice heard on the issue of Hydrilla in Kerr Lake in response to the US Army Corps of
Engineers’ Environmental Assessment. If you do not respond, things are likely to stay the same which means the continued spread of Hydrilla in Kerr Lake.

The position ofKerr Lake Park Watch is simple. The lake belongs outright to the US Army Corps of Engineers, period. The Corps has been slow to acknowledge hydrilla’s
existence …

Although the weekend looks wet, the Kerr Lake level is going down. The guide curve was modified several years ago to keep young virgin
Cyprus trees in Eastern North Carolina from drowning every year.

The water release downstream has been and is impressive in the last week. Who knows?

If you are boating be sure to remember that going near shore can be dangerous, especially near parks and public areas as fireplaces, picnic …

Just a short time until the first “big show” at Kerr Lake State Recreation Area campgrounds; it’s called
Memorial Day. The campers will be ready, but will the parks?

Taken within the last few days, these photos show a Nutbush State Recreation Area with “defined” campsites that are not so easy to define.These sites are supposed to be filled with small gravel and
be open. Kerr Lake Park Watch is visiting a number of parks around the lake and we want …

Kerr Lake Park Watch recently received the just completed environmental assessment (EA) prepared by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The EA as it is called discusses
the environmental impacts of the Aquatic Vegetation Management Program (AVMP) at the John H. Kerr Dam and Reservoir Project (Kerr Reservoir).

The intent of …

Yesterday morning it was 43 degrees outside and 48 degrees in the only bath house open in Hibernia State Recreation area. With all its heat and
lights burning bright, the closed bath at Area 3 sat empty.

I sat alone in the 48 degree Area 2 bath and by the way, the lights clicked off in just a couple of minutes.

USE YOUR MAINTENANCE FUNDS, state parks people and move the propane heater from …