The following is a personal account given by Frank Timberlake, Lead Public Affairs for Kerr Lake Park

By a lot of the campers who frequent Hibernia, one of the seven NC Recreation Areas around Kerr Lake, Hibernia is often referred to as the “red-headed step child.”  Personnel shifts at the park
have been on the rise after the departure of a long-time, long-experienced chief ranger. While many of the recreation areas sport new electric and water campsites, …

IMPORTANT QUESTION FOR YOU!  As we get ready to set priorities for KLPW for this year’s
outdoor season, what are some of the projects, issues, complaints and accomplishments you would like to see addressed by the park officials who run the Virginia State Parks, the North Carolina
State Recreation Areas and the US Army Corps of Engineers Parks around Kerr Lake?

If you don’t want to post publicly, we would very much like to see your response, which …

Radio advertising AGAINST and now FOR allowing Uranium mining in Virginia is blaring out all over the state as forces on
both sides refuse to give in on whether Governor Bob McDonnell should sidestep the Virginia legislature and move to allow mining the radioactive material at Coles Hill.

KLPW is watching the issue intensely because of the huge impact such mining could potentially have on the John H Kerr Reservoir and ultimately on lake and park users. Within the last few

Kerr Lake Park Watch is refraining from rejoicing about a Virginia State Senate panel dumping legislation to lift the ban on Uranium mining at Coles
Hill near Chatham, Virginia. “The problem is that while everyone is celebrating about that Senate panel saying no, politics has shifted the decision and maybe even the power to lift the Uranium
mining ban in Virginia to the Governor,” said Kerr Lake Park Watch Public Affairs Lead, Frank Timberlake.

Kerr Lake levels have been improving due to upstream rainfall. Today’s
lake level was reported at 302 feet above sea level or two feet above normal pool.

At the end of the week, the US Army Corps of Engineers sent information to Kerr Lake Park Watch about dramatic increases that were discussed and forecast in a
meeting of stakeholders earlier in the week.

“Drought conditions/operations at John H Kerr were dramatically overcome this …