While the US Army Corps of Engineers continues to study hydrilla and its effects on Kerr Lake, North
Carolina State Parks will become the first governmental agency to take action against hydrilla infested areas around the shoreline that borders some popular recreation areas. Spray treatments are
scheduled for next week.

Kerr Lake State Recreation Area leaders announced yesterday that the spraying of herbicides to help contain hydrilla
will take …

BULLETIN: There’s a new survey of information about hydrilla and its growth in Kerr Lake. The field work was conducted last fall and the
report was just submitted by researchers at North Carolina State University to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The photo above shows hydrilla recently photographed off a North Carolina State Recreation Area. Researchers …

The only person talking about hydrilla is a Vance
County Cooperative Extension Agent and his message in summary is spray, spray, spray, but only pay to do it. So hydrilla management in the waters of North Carolina is lucrative only to the
handful of “approved” herbicide applicators who collect big dollars from the lake-front owners who are trying to keep the encroaching water weed from blocking their boating and

Making camping reservations online can be a snap or a snafu depending on what system your state uses. When the system owners merge, like in North
Carolina, that means some features and user friendliness may be lost.

What you need to know is that depending on which system your booking your campsite you might pay a one time transaction fee or you might pay a transaction fee as high as $3 per night which
on a 14-day stay can equal …

Many of the 7 North Carolina State Recreation Areas on Kerr Lake are enjoying burgeoning attendance numbers, but not all those numbers are people
camping or having a picnic. State parks have always been a haven for man and animal…wait a minute…hold it…I’m grabbing the flashlight and headed outside….(few minutes later)…I’m

While I was writing this update, I had two, not just one, raccoons remove the heavy rocks off my Hibernia …