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It’s like that at Harris Lake, too. That’s why we stopped going there. It
gets hung up in your fishing line, your boat prop, etc. And it’s a nightmare for water skiers. It can transport itself from one lake to another, via boat trailers. When we backed our boat up, it would wrap itself around the boat trailer, so we had to make sure we cleaned the trailer afterward, as not to infect, another lake. I wish

At KLPW we are interested in seeing the hydrilla situation brought to the attention of all stakeholders, plain and simple. Our media friends are doing a good job of that.
Below is a sample that shows a clip from and on MONDAY OR TUESDAY morning between 8:15 and 8:30 AM, LISTEN LIVE to Vance/Warren Extension Agent Paul McKenzie with Greg Thrift on 3WD Radio –
107.7. KLPW

Before next week’s meeting at Satterwhite Point, we thought it would be good to bring our members and readers up to date with more
information about hydrilla.

One group of experts on hydrilla at the US Army Corps of Engineers, ERDC lab at Vicksburg, MS informed KLPW that hydrilla comes in many different forms or types. Combatants
that work further south won’t work as well as in NC and VA. Microbials have not yet been developed to …

We’re looking into complaints and frustrations with North Carolina’s reservation system and some practices. Now would be a good time for you to submit your questions. Send them to Sent via DROID on Verizon Wireless