(Clarksville, VA)  As midsummer approaches, trees are coming down and the slope of the hills of Area B Campground are giving way as earth movers give that tract of land a makeover into what will eventually become a marina.  A groundbreaking ceremony was held on the site in mid-June (More info from SOVANOW.COM).  Having been discussed for years, the marina is now located in what most consider the best area being the proximity of the boat ramp and also the new US 158 Bypass bridge, overpass and intersections.  The Area B Campground, in the view of many, was negatively impacted with road noise by the bypass.

The location for the marina is supported by most facets including community leaders, park leaders and park support groups such as the Friends of Occonechee.

Park supporters hope to see replacement made for the campsites that will be lost to the construction of the marina.  KLPW

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