On our sister Facebook page KLPW recently showed a comparison of a couple of the restrooms at Hibernia State Recreation Area with those at a state park.   Shown below in the brown are one of the brand new bathroom facilities at Raven Rock State Park.  Shown to the right is a 60’s era bathroom facility at Hibernia SRA.


Staff and campers are extremely frustrated with the poor restroom facilities in Area I of Hibernia State Recreation Area.  While improved restroom/bath facilities and increased electric and water sites in Area I of this recreation area have been needed for years, park administrators set priorities around the state for park improvements and the bath house and restrooms have never made it to a priority list.  Getting such improvements raised on priority lists will take you, the public, writing letters or emails or making calls to state administrators or appropriate legislators.

Here’s a few more peeks at park potties at Hibernia.


There’s no magic to getting improvements made to old worn out buildings like this.  Public outcry generally is what it takes to get positive reactions.  We received several emails and phone calls when we recently posted these photos on the Facebook page.

Today, good men and women wasted a lot of valuable man hours working on a totaled toilet that should be condemned and replaced. KLPW


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  1. Jane August 8, 2011

    Absolutely this bath should be destroyed even if another is not put up. It is and eye sore of the entire park!


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