Ride through most any Kerr Lake State Recreation Area on the North Carolina side on a Thursday or Friday and you will see some campers packing up to leave.  That might seem unusual except that  the new online reservation system now lets weekend campers “cherry-pick” weekend camping.  So many times, campers wanting to camp have to either accept a site in the woods or take a waterside site for a shorter period, forced to leave before the weekend campers arrive.

The old system required campers making reservations to rent the campsite for a 7-day period. 
Think about it, not a bad proposition to be able to rent yourself 8 or 10 or 12 summer weekend sites on multi-million dollar waterfront property for less than $30 a night.

KLPW has recently received several emails and calls about the policy.  We have taken these questions about revenue and posed them to the Kerr Lake Superintendent for NC State Parks, Bryce Fleming.  We need to provide Fleming with some time to prepare and return answers.


From Gerald R. – (1) “Are the reservations system charges the same for “parks” as they are for recreation areas?”

From Mike Sawaya –    (2) “Now that we have been using the computer based reservation system for a couple of years, and been allowed to reserve less than seven days per stay, what has been the impact?  (3) Has the number of campers increased? (4)  Has the net revenue increased?  I know from my personal experience that is more difficult to make week-long reservations with this system.  I also see the parks nearly empty during the week and full on the weekends.  (5) So what does NC Parks say about the change?

From Wanda P. – (6) “Are the reservation system charges the same for “parks” as they are for “recreation areas?”  (7) Why am I charged a transaction fee for every day of my camp time?  Whether we camp for two nights or seven, there is only one transaction and should be only one charge per transaction?”

PLEASE!  When you make reference whether questions or comments,  make your response clear as to which question your comments are about.

KLPW will be waiting right along with all of our readers for the answers.  If you want to know when something is posted, simply sign up below with your email and you will get a notice!  KERR LAKE PARK WATCH…we’re working hard for you!

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  1. Robert March 22, 2013

    I too dislike the online reservations. It has been 2yrs since we have been able to get a site at County Line Park. It seems every date I ck is Reserved for the weekend, most of the time for only one day. I also think the service charge should be per trip, not per day. I would like to see the old reservation system back.


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