1. Are the reservation system charges the same for “parks” as they are for “recreation areas?”

  2. Did NC State Parks shoot itself in the foot money-wise when it stopped the policy of reserving a campsite for a minimum of seven nights versus having the weekends cherry-picked?

  3. “I have a question….Now that we have been using the computer based reservation system for a couple of years, and been allowed to reserve less than seven days per stay, what has been the impact? Has the number of campers increased, has the net revenue increased? I know from my personal experience that it is more difficult to make week-long reservations with this system. I also see the parks nearly empty during the week and full on the weekends. So what does NC Parks say about the change?”

  4. Why am I charged a transaction fee for every day of my camp time? Whether we camp for two nights or seven, there is only one transaction and should be only one charge per transaction?”  


1. The transaction fees are the same for parks and recreation areas. The fee is $3 per night/ campsite.

2. System-wide, the ability for campers to make reservations with a minimum of one night has worked well. There may have been a slightly lower number of nights reserved at Kerr Lake, but that is at least partially attributable to campers only having to pay for what they will actually use. The remaining vacant sites are available for use, where in the past, many sites would be reserved but unoccupied during a portion of the renters’ rental period, which prevented other campers from using them.

3. Kerr Lake camping nights did drop a little since the last year prior to having the reservation system (July 1, 2008-June30, 2009) but last year it was only about 3% lower than 2008-2009. System-wide reservations in NC State Parks have increased each year since the reservation system was implemented and trends indicate they will continue to increase. The use numbers are subject to fluctuate from year to year. A number of factors influence fluctuation such as weather, fuel prices and the economy.

As an observation, we have noticed fewer occurrences of campers having unused nights that they paid for now compared to when we had seven night minimum.

I see two things that could make getting 7 day reservations harder now than prior to the implementation of the reservation system. 1. Many visitors are gravitating toward shorter, weekend reservations because that is what they want and need. 2. Visitors can make their reservations as far as 11 months in advance with the reservation system, so they often have to make reservations farther in advance than they used to in order to get the site # and days they want. We used to not accept any reservations prior to the beginning of January.

4. The cost of the reservation system is funded fully with the reservation transaction fees which are $3 per facility per day. This enables N.C. State Parks to have a system that is paid for by the users and not by general taxpayers.

The present system is fair for all users. It is standard across the state, which makes it simpler for users who want to make reservations in a variety of state parks and recreation areas across North Carolina. The system also helps the Division of Parks and Recreation view and understand trends in park use.

I am happy to talk to our visitors about this if they would like to do so. I am generally available at the park office (252)438-7791.

Bryce Fleming

Park Superintendent

Kerr Lake State Recreation Area

6254 Satterwhite Point Road

Henderson, NC 27537

(252) 438-7791

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