POINTED REQUEST STATE PARKS – Move the Furnace From Hibernia Area 3 Bath to Area 2 Bath

Yesterday morning it was 43 degrees outside and 48 degrees in the only bath house open in Hibernia State Recreation area.  With all its heat and lights burning bright, the closed bath at Area 3 sat empty.

I (Frank Timberlake) sat alone in the 48 degree Area 2 bath and by the way, the lights clicked off in just a couple of minutes, leaving me in a pretty dark situation.

USE YOUR MAINTENANCE FUNDS, state parks people and move the propane heater from the Area 3 bath to the Area 2 bath.


     – Area 3 bath, heated, open only June, July & August

     – Area 2 bath, unheated, open March, April, May, June, July, August, September 
            & October

Solution found.  Now execute!  Remember, Governor McCrory would like to see some customer service in state government!  We campers are long overdue!

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  1. Sam Byrum May 6, 2013

    Wouldn’t a simple cheap solution be to open the heated area 3 bathouse until heat could be installed in the area 2 Bath house?


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