Several months ago KLPW informed you when NC State Parks officials toured some of the Kerr Lake State Recreation Areas and vowed to make some very badly needed upgrades and rehabs to sites. 

State officials viewed, photographed and even measured the sites that KLPW identified as critical.  Also, sites that might increase revenue for the parks if properly renovated with defined sites, more level and convenient to large travel trailers and RV rigs.

Those plans are out and although they are not drawn to scale, which is somewhat questionable, they clearly show marked improvements.  If you want your opinion and comments to count then you need to send them directly to: 

    Bryce Fleming

    Park Superintendent

    Kerr Lake State Recreation Area

    6254 Satterwhite Point Road

    Henderson, NC 27537

    (252) 438-7791


KLPW has been notified by Superintendent Fleming that public input on these site renovations can be made, but should be made quickly.

KLPW asked to be involved with reviewing the site renovation plans since the group is completely made up of the people who have to back the RV’s into the sites and make the site work with equipment.

If you want to give some input as to the size or layout of those sites or as to the proposed angle that a camper would have to back in an RV into the site, please make your voice known now.

Below you will find all the plans for renovations.  PLEASE COMMENT BACK TO KLSRA & FEEL FREE TO COMMENT BELOW.

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  1. Frank Timberlake October 7, 2013

    I am disappointed and a little confused as to why the campsite drawing does not show the road.

    It is of particular interest to a camper as to the angle of the campsite drive for getting a travel trailer or RV into the site. Generally, the more of an angle, the easier the back-in.

    I think there should also be elevation drawings from a side view as well.

  2. Larry Matthews October 8, 2013

    I agree with you Frank that a bit more detail would be nice.

    BTW, I’d like to personally thank you, Frank Timberlake, for your efforts and taking time out of your vacation to work with the Park management team.

    I responded to Bryce Flemming and was happy to get a very quick response.

    I recommended that the chains securing the tables be long enough to move the tables around the site. Bryce informed me that they do not plan on securing the tables.

    I also reminded him that it would be really nice to trim low hanging limbs during the off season. He is still researching how to make this happen as funding is so short.

    I also mentioned that I thought many campers would participate in a volunteer work day in the spring. Bryce is not opposed to a work day. “Watch this space”.

    Thanks to Bryce and the Kerr Lake Parks team for listening to our comments and concerns and taking steps to address some of them during these financially challenging days.


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