Get out your work clothes, hat and work gloves and conjure up a little elbow grease to help get some TO DO’S done in Kerr Lake’s Hibernia, an NC State Recreation Area on Saturday, April 25th.  Hibernia is one of the largest of the seven NC State Recreation Areas on the lake and is located just off NC 39 about a mile north of Townsville.

“We’ve just got some extra things and a little tweaking that the regular staff may or may not have time to do and campers having been telling us that they want to volunteer to help and so the April 25th Volunteer Day just kind of evolved from me and the folks at the office,” said Hibernia Chief Ranger Elliott McDowell, adding, “You have to understand that generations of folks have camped and picnicked here and they want an opportunity to give back to their park.”

McDowell said volunteers and staff will gather Saturday at the picnic shelter between camp areas #2 and #3, at 9:00 AM.  “It’s sort of loosely scheduled from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM, as long as there’s a list and people to work.”

Kerr Lake Park Watch leader Larry Matthews was quick to praise the effort, “This effort by Elliott is absolutely fantastic!  This covers several things we’ve all been seeking: (1) helping to build a comradery between park staff and park users, working on a common goal and developing more than just a police relationship; (2) pointing out park needs, improvements and tweaks from the user’s point of view to the staff; and (3) actually working on our park that we so much appreciate and enjoy.”  Matthews has completely turned around his schedule in order to help.

Another charter member of KLPW Tom Elmore resounded Matthews approval, “We asked, we asked, we asked and now we’re all going to be doing.  All of us who asked for this need to be there, ready to help improve ‘our park.’   Elliott pointed out that is a tight time table but feels the volunteer time needs to happen before the park gets really busy.”

“What a great effort on the part of Ranger McDowell, if only a few hours of work are completed by a small band of folks, added KLPW Lead for Public Affairs Frank Timberlake.  “We will be there with work shoes and gloves on!  I just hope this gets contagious at the other NC parks, plus the Virginia State Parks and Corps of Engineers parks around the lake.  Five generations of my family have and are attached to Kerr Lake and its parks and we feel much more ownership than the government.  We’ve paid a boatload of fees over the years and we don’t mind a little work to add to the joy we’ve received, added Timberlake.”

“Information on this hasn’t really gotten out.  The Kerr Lake park office had no information on it when we called and there’s nothing up on the state website and the short time notice is a bit of a hinderance, but all supporters of the park have to do is share this info and just show up and help the staff.  It’s also a good time for local folks in Granville, Vance and Warren  counties to get familiar with their parks for just a little effort,” commented the Kerr Lake native Timberlake, “Come on! We’ll even find you a drink and some nabs!”



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  1. Lisa Bailey April 23, 2015

    My husband and I plan on going to the work Day at HIBERNIA. We can’t get to the park until after lunch. We hope there is a list of jobs that need to be done. If not we can think of several things to do. We spend around 30 days at Hibernia every summer. I would like to see a work day planned for next year before the poison oak, red bugs, spiders and snakes are out. Always have the work day same time every year and advertize through the summer. I think the first weekend in March would work well. Just open the park for Work Day volunteers. It’s a lot easier to clean bathrooms without campers coming in to use them. Just my two cents worth!

    Long Time Hibernia Camper,

    Lisa Bailey


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