A creek near flood stage in Piedmont Virginia near a proposed Uranium mining site today brought an emphatic and impassioned demand for the US Army
Corps of Engineers to take a position on proposed Uranium mining upstream from Kerr Lake. That request came Roanoke River Basin Association leader, Gene Addesso, Vice
President and acting President, as he told the group on the weekly meeting/call of the USACE Wilmington District Water Management Stakeholders that previous contact with the Corps has

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Unfortunately, it seems that it’s gotten down to someone has to do something drastic to make media headlines or lead stories lately, but Kerr
Lake as an entity unto itself, is holding up three watery fingers that aren’t as watery as they used to be and saying, “help me with Hydrilla, get me more water and don’t let them slip
uranium waste into me. Oh, and if you get a chance, please check my PCP levels, they’re …

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The watershed of Kerr Lake that provides the basis for all types of recreation on and around those waters may see a new threat from a newcomer. The
past year has seen parks around Kerr Lake plagued on shore with reduced park employees, cut services and dried up budgets. The lake has suffered from a relentless drought and the rapidly
spreading noxious weed, Hydrilla.

If Virginia lifts a ban on uranium mining …
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The public’s patience is running pretty thin about Kerr Lake low water levels, even
though the weather is mostly to blame. The USACE has finally released a statement on the drought condidtions. Kerr Lake Park Watch presents it to you in its

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on December 3, 2012


One of the early supporters of Kerr Lake Park Watch, Larry Matthews, is an avid camper, boater, skier and a part-time resident
of Kerr Lake. While his comments raise some interesting perspectives, his photos tell a very sad story. Here’s a look at both.

“Because of a health issue, I have not …
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Concern has reached an almost unprecedented level about the low level of water in Kerr Lake
this season. KLPW has received a number of one-line comments and questions about the continued depletion of water in the

Of the plea-like questions came a written request for information about the lake’s low level …

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On October 26, 2012 the US Army Corp of Engineers
released a letter concerning an Environmental Assessment of Kerr Lake with regard to Hydrilla infestation, with only a 30-day public comment period. Kerr Lake Park Watch has obtained confirmation
that written and oral comments public comments will be taken.

(KLPW) a support and improvements group for …

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The US Army Corps of Engineers has announced that an Environmental Assessment will soon begin on the impact of Hydrilla on Kerr Lake. If you are
concerned about Hydrilla in Kerr Lake this may be your best opportunity to let the USACE know!

It is essential that persons experiencing boating, docking, launching and/or swimming difficulty in the water, which is completely under the domain of the US Army Corps of Engineers, make their
concerns and/or problamatic circumstances known to …

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This article has been authored by the Public
Affairs Lead for Kerr Lake Park Watch or KLPW, Frank Timberlake, who camped at Hibernia State Recreation Area over the weekend and found the answer to a
question asked repeatedly over the years. Frank also came up with an idea.

The number one question we get asked about Kerr Lake this time of year is, “Why do they (NC …

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The following is an answer in response to several readers questions on following the guide curve that actually mandates, along
with weather, the water levels or lack thereof of Kerr Lake. KLPW, asked several times to review the procedures, posted comments and questions by Kerr lake user, Jim Arnold. Below is the
response to Mr. Arnold’s comments and questions by Resource Manager Michael Womack.

As you point out, Kerr Lake is …

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