Date: September 21, 2012


“Wheels for Lungs” Car and Bike Show to Benefit Lung Transplant Research


(CLARKSVILLE, VA) – Occoneechee State Park will host “Wheels for Lungs,” a car and bike show to benefit the Lung Transplant Foundation, on Saturday, Sept. 29. In the
event of rain, the show …

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  1. Are the reservation system charges the same for “parks” as they are for “recreation areas?”
  2. Did NC State Parks shoot itself in the foot money-wise when it stopped the policy of reserving a campsite for a
    minimum of seven nights versus having the weekends cherry-picked?
  3. “I have a question….Now that we have been using the

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Ride through most any Kerr Lake State Recreation Area on the North Carolina side on a Thursday or Friday and you will see some campers packing
up to leave. That might seem unusual except that  the new online reservation system now lets weekend campers “cherry-pick” weekend camping. So many times, campers wanting to camp
have to either accept a site in the woods or take a waterside site for a shorter period, forced to leave before the weekend campers …

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This blog post comes from an avid lake user and Veteran, Dennis Harris. We welcome your comments and posts. Just send an email to info@kerrlakeparkwatch.orgor click on the comment section of this blog.

“Another problem related to the hydrilla is that the Corp (US Army Corps of Engineers) is dropping the lake an average of 6 inches every week. Four weeks ago, docks were above the hydrilla, but now
with a 2 foot drop in the water …

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August, 2012 


Treatment for hydrilla said to be helpful not harmful bringing better news and hopefully some relief …

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Amid concerns and questions from several readers, KLPW asked both state and federal officials about the water
quality for swimming and public use, both in general and with regard to recent applications of herbicides to squelch the growing hydrilla problem.

Below is a direct reply from the USACE manager of Kerr Lake who KLPW asked two questions: 1) Is Kerr Lake safe for swimming and interaction with the water and 2) are the
chemicals sprayed for hydrilla harmful?  Here …

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The following post was submitted by Tom O’Neal in response to the Kerr Lake State
Recreation Manager’s action to recently spray hydrilla infested waters off the shore of some Kerr Lake boat ramps and recreation areas.

“Great idea Bryce. Spraying poison into Kerr Lake so little Johnny and little Susie can go swim in it. I surely would not let my kids swim in poisoned water that some
government agent said was …

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7/9/2012 6:13 PM Janet wrote:
“Would you say the water in Kerr Lake is clean for swimming? What is it tested for?

We are having a big event there and I want to feel secure that people will not get sick from swimming there. Thanks!”


We received these email questions from Janet P and quite honestly, we don’t know who tests the …

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While the US Army Corps of Engineers continues to study hydrilla and its effects on Kerr Lake, North
Carolina State Parks will become the first governmental agency to take action against hydrilla infested areas around the shoreline that borders some popular recreation areas. Spray treatments are
scheduled for next week.

Kerr Lake State Recreation Area leaders announced yesterday that the spraying of herbicides to help contain hydrilla
will take …

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BULLETIN: There’s a new survey of information about hydrilla and its growth in Kerr Lake. The field work was conducted last fall and the
report was just submitted by researchers at North Carolina State University to the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The photo above shows hydrilla recently photographed off a North Carolina State Recreation Area. Researchers …

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