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They wear white jump suits and they move like lightning.  They are really good painters, but they are not full-time painters.  Some work at one park, some work at all of the seven parks or state recreation areas on the North Carolina side of Kerr Lake.  Some plumb, some wire, some cut grass, some pick up trash and some do a combination of all those and much more.  They are “The Crew” at Kerr Lake State Recreation Areas.

Without a lot of thanks and praise, “The Crew” is comprised of those workers who take too little and ask for less and perform miracles around those parks.  There are a few “chiefs” in that crew, but most are park workers, some even seasonal.

Taking advantage of the cooler than normal temperatures this year and dodging rain showers, “the crew” has been sprucing up buildings around the seven recreation areas including the Area 2 Bath at Hibernia where this photo was taken.

The seven parks are home to more than 80 buildings and many of them such as these bath houses are two story.  “The Crew” moves in on a building painting the ground level up and returning with scaffolding to finish up the higher parts.  Then its on to another building or back to their regular job.

It is those regular jobs, performed by interested and engaged people without any gold or silver on their uniforms who actually keep the parks operating, clean and neat.  After witnessing what a messy group can do to a picnic site or a restroom, keeping the parks clean and neat is a plausible but near impossible job.

“The Crew” does it day in and day out. In fact, we’ll put them up against any other state parks group in North Carolina.  Kerr Lake Park Watch would like to take off our hat to all of you and say thanks!  Now back to painting before the state cuts that out!

Camping or picnicking at Kerr Lake?  Take a minute sometime and thank a ranger for keeping the park safe and thank a worker for keeping where you are clean and neat.  That gratitude really goes a long way.


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Mid-August View on Occoneechee Marina Shows Lots of Empties

At the peak of summer, a lot of empty spaces, more commonly called boat slips, remain empty at the Occoneechee State Park Marina on Kerr Lake at Clarksville.  Having viewed the marina about a month ago, KLPW found that most of the boats at the docks seem to be longer term rentals as most showed up again in last week’s photos.

Summer camping, especially during the week, is usually more sparse at Occoneechee State Park.  Although waterfront from many vantage points, the park is a non-swimming park primarily due to steep and very rocky shorelines.  Because of that, many campers were excited as the marina was being developed but soon lost that excitement.

Steep rental prices, which many overnight campers find prohibitive if not offensive, may be the cause of so many vacancies in the second year operation.  The overnight rate for docking is $36, nearly $10 over the nightly camping fee for a family.  Yearly rental which ranges from $1,200 to $1,750 is more in line with other marinas on Kerr and nearby lakes.

Kerr Lake Park Watch has gone on record as opposed to the excessively high overnight rates because of its direct affect on campers. Several campers interviewed last week noted that they have boats and that they keep them on trailers or do not bring them because of what they consider exorbitant marina overnight rates.  One camper, who requested his name be withheld said “he would rather rot” than pay the marina slip fee.

The marina, in its second year of operation, was built with a price tag of around $1.5 million.

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