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(Henderson, NC)  An update on the effects of Hydrilla has been announced by Paul McKenzie
Agricultural Extension Agent, Vance/Warren Counties with NC Cooperative Extension.  (NOT FAMILIAR WITH HYDRILLA? SEE RECENT KLPW PHOTOS BELOW)McKenzie, who has organized and led some preliminary meetings and in-water surveys wants interested people on and around Kerr Lake to make plans to attend an informational meeting about the aquatic weed Hydrilla, which has become established over scores of acres in John H. Kerr/Bugg Island Reservoir. 

The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 11 at 6:30 PM at the Glass House in Satterwhite Point State Recreation Area.  According to McKenzie, representatives of several agencies will be on-hand, including: 

  • NCSU Aquatic Weed program (basic biology of hydrilla and management options)
  • US Army Corps of Engineers (allowed procedures for hydrilla treatments)
  • NC Cooperative Extension, Vance County (summary of the Oct. 2010 “on-the-water” survey)
  • NC State Parks (impacts on Recreation Areas)

There will be a discussion about options for a more comprehensive approach to hydrilla management, as well as the potential for a more thorough survey of the lake. Tthere will be plenty of time to answer public questions.  Local professional applicators will be on hand to share their knowledge and contact information.

McKenzie acknowledged the following agencies that are currently involved with addressing the Hydrilla situation in Kerr Lake.

  • Kerr Buggs Island Safety Council
  • US Coast Guard Auxiliary
  • NC State Parks, Kerr Lake State Recreation Area
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • NCSU Aquatic Weed program
  • NC DENR Aquatic Weed Control Program

If you would like to contact McKenzie directly about Hydrilla his information is shown below.  KLPW
Paul McKenzie
Agricultural Extension Agent, Vance/Warren Counties
Field Crops (Warren only), Forestry, Horticulture
NC Cooperative Extension
NCSU College of Agriculture & Life Sciences
305 Young St., Henderson, NC  27536
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252.438.8188 (Vance)  252.257.3640 (Warren)
252.492.3830 (fax)




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(Clarksville, VA)  As midsummer approaches, trees are coming down and the slope of the hills of Area B Campground are giving way as earth movers give that tract of land a makeover into what will eventually become a marina.  A groundbreaking ceremony was held on the site in mid-June (More info from SOVANOW.COM).  Having been discussed for years, the marina is now located in what most consider the best area being the proximity of the boat ramp and also the new US 158 Bypass bridge, overpass and intersections.  The Area B Campground, in the view of many, was negatively impacted with road noise by the bypass.

The location for the marina is supported by most facets including community leaders, park leaders and park support groups such as the Friends of Occonechee.

Park supporters hope to see replacement made for the campsites that will be lost to the construction of the marina.  KLPW

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On our sister Facebook page KLPW recently showed a comparison of a couple of the restrooms at Hibernia State Recreation Area with those at a state park.   Shown below in the brown are one of the brand new bathroom facilities at Raven Rock State Park.  Shown to the right is a 60’s era bathroom facility at Hibernia SRA.


Staff and campers are extremely frustrated with the poor restroom facilities in Area I of Hibernia State Recreation Area.  While improved restroom/bath facilities and increased electric and water sites in Area I of this recreation area have been needed for years, park administrators set priorities around the state for park improvements and the bath house and restrooms have never made it to a priority list.  Getting such improvements raised on priority lists will take you, the public, writing letters or emails or making calls to state administrators or appropriate legislators.

Here’s a few more peeks at park potties at Hibernia.


There’s no magic to getting improvements made to old worn out buildings like this.  Public outcry generally is what it takes to get positive reactions.  We received several emails and phone calls when we recently posted these photos on the Facebook page.

Today, good men and women wasted a lot of valuable man hours working on a totaled toilet that should be condemned and replaced. KLPW


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General Info about the need for Kerr Lake Park Watch

The Kerr Lake Park Watch or KLPW for short, has been established by campers and park users who visit NC State Recreation Areas and Virginia State Parks on Kerr Lake, as well as  parks & recreational facilities operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers

KLPW was founded in 2010 by Frank Timberlake, a native of Granville County.  As a former board member of several parks and recreation boards and as a park activist, Timberlake has spent more than 30 years as a parks volunteer in some capacity and has raised his family camping, fishing and boating, a good time of that spent on Kerr Lake.  

Over the past few years, Timberlake noticed an increased barrier between park end users and administrators, not so much the local custodians, but the off-site administrators who set and approve priorities.  He started collecting comments, complaints, ideas, volunteer requests, occasionally passing them on the park professionals.  Last year, after collecting names, phone numbers, emails and the like, Timberlake decided that Kerr Lake area parks need a stronger voice and Kerr Lake Park Watch was founded in 2010.  It has over 60 members through Facebook with more than 40 members who communicate by email and or phone. 

The growth of KLPW has precipitated the need for this web/blog because of the increased public interest and call for improvements.   While we want to support and help parks around the lake, we want to insure the people looking after the parks are listening to the end users and they have their ducks or geese in a row.

Here’s just a bit of information about Kerr Lake Park Watch.  We have an email if you would like more information.  Just write

The Kerr Lake Park Watch has been established by campers and park users who visit NC State Recreation Areas, Virginia State parks on Kerr Lake, & parks & recreational facilities operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The purpose is to support improvements to the camping and recreational facilities around Kerr Lake.
To promote the improvement of camping and recreational facilities and opportunities around the John H Kerr Reservoir, with a continued interest in the overall quality of the lake itself.
DIRECT CITIZEN FEEDBACK shared with people of like KL recreational interest and a pipeline to professional park managers and elected officials.
We will be gathering information from all the official stake holders and posting the perspective of those persons professionally affiliated with parks around the lake.  THE GREAT NEWS IS…YOU AS A PARK USER have this, a very public forum to discuss your ideas, areas of support, areas of concern, questions and comments about Kerr Lake. KLPW

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