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On the morning before what some say will be a huge public forum in Henderson, NC on coal ash, words are heating up between NC DENR and the public.

Deborah Ferruccio was at the ERC meeting yesterday (Tuesday) and she said  that at the meeting Tom Reeder , Director of the Division of Water Resources stood up in the beginning and said there is NO coal ash in Kerr Lake, she refuted that, but it is obvious that the state is boldly lying according to Ms. Ferruccio and her group.  Pressure to say whatever it takes to make the public feel like everything is OK is mounting. The pressure to change the amount of coal ash spilled has continued also.

Reeder told KLPW earlier that coal ash was in Kerr Lake.  Last week, there was a video news report showing Reeder straightforwardly saying that coal ash is in Kerr Lake.  Friday, DENR made Reeder recant his position, but later Friday afternoon, Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality reaffirmed that coal ash indeed, is in Kerr Lake. 

Attendees with her said, “The truth about what is really happening will have to be found out through other channels. What is going to be the narrative going forward for those of us who love our lake? Is it going to be a narrative of lies and deceit?”
Tonight a public forum on how to monitor and clean up coal ash in Kerr Lake will be held in Henderson. The organizational meeting of the yet unnamed group will be held at the Leslie Perry Library in Henderson from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

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The following is a guest article/news release sent to Kerr Lake Park Watch from a group of Kerr Lake area citizens concerned about coal ash headed by Deborah Ferruccio. 

Local citizens are joining with concerned environmental and civic groups in a meeting Thursday evening in Henderson, NC to form a coalition for the purpose of monitoring and cleaning up Kerr Lake waters in light of the coal ash spill several months ago. The organizational meeting of the yet unnamed group will be held at the Leslie Perry Library in Henderson from 6:00 to 8:00 PM, Thursday.  Speakers are encouraged to attend.

One of the leaders, Deborah Ferruccio says now is the time to get involved, “If you care about Kerr Lake and about our water supply, health, way of life, and economic base and you want Duke Energy to comprehensively vacuum up the coal ash contamination in the Dan River and Kerr Lake, please join concerned citizens and leaders of organizations such as the Roanoke River Basin Association, Appalachian Voices, the Southern Environmental Law Center and more on Thurs., April 24th at the Leslie Perry Library in Henderson, NC from 6-8 pm. We are facing a crisis that will affect our waterways for generations, and we need your support and help.

We are holding Duke Energy 100% accountable for the Dan River and Kerr Lake cleanup which Duke E. says will be paid for with insurance and by shareholders.”

Ms. Ferruccio went on to say, “Just because state, EPA, and Duke Energy officials claim that filtered drinking water is safe, so-called “safe” and “acceptable” maximum contamination levels (MCL’s) are determined by risk formulas where cost reduction factors weigh more heavily than health factors. MCL’s should be different, too, for a fetus and a 250 pound adult; but they’re not. They are generic to all sizes of people. MCL’s are also determined by looking a short, acute exposures and not chronic , longer-term exposures to contamination.

Besides the fact that we can’t necessarily believe that MCL’s of contaminants such as arsenic and lead are at safe levels, coal ash has in it dangerous volatile hydrocarbons such as benzene which are not even tested for. In addition, when bromide, a coal ash contaminant is cleaned with chlorine, it creates a dangerous substance, trihalomethane.

Finally, we cannot accept the scientific testing and results of the parties that are responsible for the pollution, namely Duke Energy and DENR. So, we must have independent testing, labs, and scientific assessment and a quality-controlled, quality assured chain of custody throughout the sampling, testing, and laboratory processes.

So, there is no reason to assume that Kerr Lake is safe. Coal ash contamination builds up in the environment, the water, in wildlife and human tissue over time, so small, “acceptable,” legal” doses pose a serious threat. Coal ash exposure can cause a host of diseases and disorders, including, cancer, heart disease, neurological and cognitive impairment and more.

Once the coal ash gets into Kerr Lake and spreads in its vast waters, it will be difficult if not impossible to retrieve it. Therefore, we are in a race against time to save Kerr and Gaston Lakes from receiving up to 82,000 tons of coal ash contaminants that will pollute the lake for decades to come.”

The group is encouraging area citizens and Kerr lake enthusiasts to join them as they build a coalition of grassroots citizens and environmental and civic organizations committed to protecting Kerr and Gaston Lakes and the entire Roanoke River Basin.

For more information about this meeting, please call Deborah Ferruccio at 919 610-6234, or email her at

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URGENT! WE NEED YOUR HELP! Ok, coal ash is in Kerr Lake. We’ve known that since mid-February. We simply want an “official in the know” not any opportunistic politician, to tell us Kerr Lake IS or IS NOT safe for human recreational interaction. PUSH your local, state and/or federal representative to demand the answer. You are a citizen. It’s about time you acted like one and become involved!

Here’s how you can help Kerr Lake on the coal ash issue! First of all, remember that this is an election year. Contact your representative.  The contact info for your NC state senator or rep can be found here:
Your Virginia delegate or state rep can be found here:

You can also Google your congressman or Senators Burr and Hagan in NC and Senators Kaine and Warner in VA.  All of these people WORK FOR YOU, not the other way around.

Our question is simple. Feel free to use the info below in your request for help:

Is Kerr Lake safe or not for human recreational interaction? Some responsible agency should be able to gather 50 bottles of water in front of the public areas from all over Kerr Lake, make tests on the samples to determine if the water is safe for human recreational interaction. Then, that agency should make its findings public. It bothers us that they are testing drinking water and worried about the fish. We think the visitors to Kerr Lake and its residents should come first.

Thanks for any and all efforts you make for Kerr Lake! For quick updates visit

Kerr Lake Park Watch today launched a paid Facebook campaign to get citizens around Kerr Lake to contact their elected officials.  KLPW provided the same contact information listed above in hopes people will demand answers.

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The NC DENR bosses are pushing the Director of the Division of Water Resources to soften his remarks that coal ash is in Kerr Lake.  Tom Reeder, who Kerr Lake Park Watch interviewed about two months ago, who said coal ash was in the upper convergence waters of Kerr Lake, is getting pressure from his bosses to recant that.

As usual, most involved agencies claim they are studying or testing Kerr Lake waters and those processes have been going on for months.  “With 82,000 tons of coal ash spilling into the Dan River and the Dan River flowing into Kerr Lake, which is actually a flow-through power generation and flood control reservoir and not a lake, there surely has to be some amount of coal ash in the lake,” reaffirmed KLPW’s Public Affairs head, Frank Timberlake.

“We still cannot get an answer to our question.  Is the lake safe for visitors to interact with the water at the parks and public areas, all the way around the lake?  If these bureaucrats can pause their infighting and just answer that, we’ll work on disseminating the truth about using the lake this season.”

Timberlake added, “We saw and support a report by Time Warner Cable News that announced that coal ash is in Kerr.  That’s not our issue.  Use of the lake, safely, by the public is our concern.”

You can see the yesterday’s report from Reeder and today’s new information about NC DENR attempting to get Reeder to recant his story in these Time Warner Cable News reports.  For the first and latest report click here:  DENR conflicted about coal ash in Kerr Lake

Yesterday’s original Time Warner Cable News story.

Kerr Lake Park Watch remains committed to obtaining answers to its focused question on coal ash effects for visitors.

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COAL ASH IS IN KERR LAKE – What That Means…Still Unanswered

Government officials easily answer that coal ash is in Kerr Lake.  Kerr Lake Park Watch’s question about coal ash, after two and a half months, still remains unanswered.

Will Kerr Lake be safe this visitor season for the people who visit the public parks, day-use areas, boat ramps, campgrounds, etc., considering that visitors come to have some form of interaction with the water?  Is the water safe for humans, for fish and plant life?  That’s what KLPW wants answered.

There is no need for anyone to worry if the coal ash is in a small enough quantity that it indeed is not harmful and on the other hand it might cause a rash.  We do not know and we think it’s time someone bearing the responsibility and the accountability, whether it’s a governor from VA or NC, NC or VA DENR, the EPA or the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The public’s requests for definitive answers, after seeing officials admit coal ash is in the lake, are on the rise.  Time Warner Cable News reporter Chris Williams explains more…click the video link.

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