The water is receding along the shores of Kerr Lake, hitting a high at a little over 305 feet above mean sea level, with full pool normal being at 300 ft.  This morning the water, which is rapidly receding was less than 304.5 ft. That said, US Army Corps of Engineers reports no significance loss … Read more

Writing this notice may help bring rain to Kerr Lake, but the water level or lack thereof bears watching if you’re planning a camping or day trip. The water is approaching the 295-ft level, which is down 5 feet from the normal full pool level of 300 feet (above mean sea level). At Kerr Lake a … Read more

Most campers and folks out for a picnic at Kerr Lake also enjoy some form of boating or jet-skiing.  Thankfully, there are not to many accidents to report, but near misses due to things like texting, not paying attention, and not following boating rules, are increasing.  Daily Dispatch reporter Sarah Mansur caught up with Frank … Read more

KERR LAKE PARK WATCH submitted this article recently to area newspapers and several  papers printed it in variations.  For you, our members and visitors, we want to provide you with the entire article as the renovated sites in this story now set the pace for recreational RV camping.  We hope you will contact NC State … Read more

With the good comes the bad.  The following is a guest testimonial/commentary by camper and KLPW member Larry Matthews. While neither I, nor any of my camping friends and/or family were involved, I am a camper and I’d like to offer my sincere apologies to the staff at Hibernia State Recreation Area at Kerr Lake for the … Read more