Making camping reservations online can be a snap or a snafu depending on what system your state uses. When the system owners merge, like in North Carolina, that means some features and user friendliness may be lost. 

What you need to know is that depending on which system your booking your campsite you might pay a one time transaction fee or you might pay a transaction fee as high as $3 per night which on a 14-day stay can equal $42 for just the booking.

In our preliminary look at making reservations at parks on Kerr Lake, we found three different systems for the US Army Corps of Engineers, North Carolina and Virginia.

One amazing bit of news, one USACE park on Kerr Lake has no online reservation capability.  That’s a small but beautiful, almost forgotten park, Buffalo Park. We will have more on Buffalo soon.

KLPW is working on a comparison of the parks reservations systems and their fee structures. Till then, click carefully.

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