IMPORTANT QUESTION FOR YOU!  As we get ready to set priorities for KLPW for this year’s outdoor season, what are some of the projects, issues, complaints and accomplishments you would like to see addressed by the park officials who run the Virginia State Parks, the North Carolina State Recreation Areas and the US Army Corps of Engineers Parks around Kerr Lake?

If you don’t want to post publicly, we would very much like to see your response, which you can send to  We’ll combine your thoughts and comments into a generic report.  If you have definite ideas, here’s your forum.  Express them here!  Just keep it family friendly.

We’re asking to gain knowledge and help to forge improvements.  Always thinking, always working…KERR LAKE PARK WATCH!

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  1. David Hanson March 27, 2013

    I have had the pleasure the last 16 years in getting to know most of the Parks and Recreations staff and Corp Of Engineers personnel and for the most part I would give them a B but my biggest concern is lack of communication to us the people that live and own property around the lake. You do not have to go into detail just give us a perspective as to what is going on at the lake and marinas. Tell us of future plans and new regulations etc. I am hearing rumors of Dredging is that correct that it might be allowed? What is going on with the Hydrilla? How will budget cuts impact the functions at the lake?

  2. Dennis Harris March 31, 2013

    Do a better job on maintaining a safe water level, at least through Labor Day.

  3. Larry Matthews April 11, 2013

    I’m sure state funding in the parks is at an all time low, and I understand that to a degree. Once the water goes down, it would cost very little if the rangers/staff would simply take a tractor with a blade on it and smooth/level the sights that have not be, so called, improved over the years. Another easy and inexpensive item would be to take an organized approach to trimming low hanging tree limbs throughout the parks rather than when someone complains about a limb tearing their AC cover off. Finally, someone needs to remove the debris (Christmas trees)that has been dropped in the water adjacent to the dock at the boat ramp inside Hibernia Park. This is not the place to have dead trees for a fish habitat. Through it all, I still love camping at Hibernia!


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