At KLPW, we’ve had a number of campers to say thanks to the NC State Parks KLSRA folks for finally upgrading some sites, particularly in the electric loop of Hibernia SRA.

Some may be amazed but there are scores of campers who have asked or indicated their willingness to have “clean up” or “fix up” days with volunteers working in the seven (7) state recreation areas (SRA’s) on the North Carolina side of Kerr Lake.

Two avid supporters of Kerr Lake and avid leaders of Kerr Lake Park Watch have made some valid points about improvements on the campsites at Kerr Lake and some valid points about volunteering.  We thought we’d share the suggestions of Joel and Lisa Bailey with all of you.

Frank and Larry, we like your thoughts. As Lisa and I are lifelong Kerr Lake campers, boaters and even me now an old water skier, I really appreciate the work the staff and our volunteers do to preserve our heritage and experience.
After 40 years of camping at Hibernia, normally over 30 days a summer, we have a couple of thoughts that may be useful as well.  
    1) On the new sites could we lower the service boxes so that slide-outs could open above them? 

    2) Can we have 50 amp service on all the new sites? The overgrowth really is a nuisance to motor homes and large campers with multiple slide-outs and awnings, both on the campsites and in the roadways. 

    3) I really like and support the idea of a camper workday to help maintain our campground. We have many talented camper resources that could make a big difference. Lisa and I are involved with the NC Baptist Men and we have traveled literally all across the eastern half of the US cutting trees for disaster relief. We have the tools and the talent to help out for a spring work day.

Thank you for the opportunity to share our thoughts and for all those who love and work on our lake.”

Like so many other campers, Joel and Lisa show that if the government entities involved with all the parks around Kerr Lake will show more than rules, regs and enforcement, like caring initiative, the user public will give back with an overwhelming positive response.

And at Kerr Lake Park Watch, we see that as good for all concerned.

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  1. Malinda October 16, 2013

    Great comments guys and they all sound very good except for #1. If you lower the electrical boxes, they will be more prone to flooding. Good idea but not good when you have to go in knee deep to disconnect your power. Very dangerous. Also the 50 amp service is good but I wonder how many times it will blow out the whole side of the campground because of overload on the circuits. Cleaning up all the brush and limbs are a great idea! Keeps those nice campers from getting scratched or dented. Happy Camping Folks!

  2. Frank Timberlake October 16, 2013

    The water level rising may be a strong consideration against lowering the power and water connections at campsites, anywhere on the water at Kerr Lake.

    If you guys at state parks are reading, some of the fears of campers we’ve talked to about 50 amp service goes back to the Hibernia loop, sites 77-99, where there are “dangling neutrals” in the 50 amp boxes. These “dangling neutrals” have actually swung from the 110V side to the 220V side and burned up converters, appliances and even one trailer last year.

    Much attention will need to be paid to the 50 amp installations.


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