COAL ASH IS IN KERR LAKE – What That Means…Still Unanswered

Government officials easily answer that coal ash is in Kerr Lake.  Kerr Lake Park Watch’s question about coal ash, after two and a half months, still remains unanswered.

Will Kerr Lake be safe this visitor season for the people who visit the public parks, day-use areas, boat ramps, campgrounds, etc., considering that visitors come to have some form of interaction with the water?  Is the water safe for humans, for fish and plant life?  That’s what KLPW wants answered.

There is no need for anyone to worry if the coal ash is in a small enough quantity that it indeed is not harmful and on the other hand it might cause a rash.  We do not know and we think it’s time someone bearing the responsibility and the accountability, whether it’s a governor from VA or NC, NC or VA DENR, the EPA or the US Army Corps of Engineers.

The public’s requests for definitive answers, after seeing officials admit coal ash is in the lake, are on the rise.  Time Warner Cable News reporter Chris Williams explains more…click the video link.

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