For ions, Kerr Lake Park Watch has been urging users of public facilities on Kerr Lake, who have complaints or want to see improvements made, to write directly to the appropriate agency, either the US Army Corps of Engineers, Virginia State Parks, or North Carolina State Parks.
Several years ago, KLPW found out that if KLPW submits a complaint that comes from 100 people, it counts as one complaint, but if 10 people submit separate complaints, they count as ten. So we urged people to write themselves.
Although KLPW has sent a number of emails, NC State Parks Director, Dwayne Patterson, has never replied at all.
The following letter (email) contains complaints about the NC State Recreation Areas, complaints we hear a lot, but few that are actually put in writing.
“Subject: Kerr Lake/Bullocksville
My husband and I just spent a long weekend at Bullocksville , and after 10 years of camping at Kerr Lake, here are some things that I just cannot let go anymore. The park is falling into a state of disrepair. Campsite markers are laying on the ground.. and have been for awhile obviously as you cannot tell where they “used to be anymore”. Dead limbs are hanging from trees waiting to fall at any moment. Trash is everywhere on campsites when you arrive. No one comes by between campers to check on sites anymore..but early check-ins are not allowed anymore? (We have been warned on listserves not to show up early, will be charged to wait). Campsites are no longer marked as “reserved and by whom” so we saw issues with that popping up.
Multiple sites near us had 5-6 cars parked per campsite so Rvs etc were having a hard time getting through. Dogs were off leashes. My first thought was, understaffed, then I walked to take trash (we are in a class A so driving it is not an option), and there were 9 staff people “shooting the breeze”, sitting in the shade. They did not mind at all watching a small woman wrestle with the dumpster, no one offered to help. My husband has had both of his hips replaced, which is why I was taking the trash– which brings another thought. The handicapped spot… who takes their trash? Anyway, when we left the park, this same group of guys was “shooting the breeze” in the shade as we drove out-so not understaffed, under motivated!
I cannot say enough nice things about the Host, but he could not be superman.
Since we have been coming you have increased your fees, but service has decreased. I also work for the State of NC, there needs to be some accountability of where the funding increase is going, I do not see it in the Kerr Lake Recreation Area.
I have been in touch with several people who said I should send this letter to you first and to NOT anticipate a reply, as they had not gotten one. I however expect a reply and some resolution. I was also instructed to send my next letters to the House and Senate, which I will if needed as well as the Governor. The people of NC used to have Parks we are proud of. This year so far at Kerr Lake we have been to Satterwhite Point and Bullocksville, and have been very disappointed. I just cancelled our reservations for the rest of the summer for Kerr Lake.
I look forward to your reply.
Beverly Overton”
We thank Ms. Overton for notifying Kerr Lake Park Watch about her experiences with the NC SRA’s and her courage to speak out for accountability on the part of the Division of State Parks.
We hope others will write their sentiments as well. We, too, await a response.

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