Well, we finally got a response from the Division of State Parks about rangers doing nothing but law enforcement and not very visible at that, but the rhetoric is so thick we haven’t deciphered the official response yet.  Meanwhile in the parks, the hell-raising goes on. By the way, we’re quite confused. Here at the NC State Recreation Areas on Kerr Lake and with the exception of just a few of the old school rangers,

Enjoy live entertainment by “Frankie Faucet & The Drips”, dancing and a big fireworks display over the water at dark. Food vendors on site. Bring a lawn chair or blanket and watch the fireworks under the stars. Come early, stay late and enjoy a day at the lake. Getting into the parks offer FREE event admission but there is a $7.00 per car gate/parking fee charged by the NC State Parks. No alcohol allowed. Sponsored

What or Who Is A Ranger? By general definition a park ranger is a person entrusted with protecting and preserving parklands – national, state, provincial, or local parks. “Parks” may be broadly defined by some systems in this context, and include protected culturally or historically important built environments, and is not limited to the natural environment. After looking into park rangers at the USACE parks, the Virginia State Parks and the NC State Recreation Areas, all on Kerr

High Water of Kerr Lake Over Memorial Day Weekend Is Just the Beginning – After Campers – The Big Sweep Begins The people who have been visiting Kerr Lake over the long Memorial Day weekend and who did not have their plans canceled or dampened by a daunting 308.68-foot Kerr Lake flooded level, that’s over eight and a half feet over full pool, are trickling out of the campgrounds, boat ramps and day-use areas. Forecasts

According to news reports, since that is the only way Kerr Lake Park Watch can get information on Virginia’s two state parks on Kerr Lake, the new Splash – Spray Ground is now open at Clarksville’s Occoneechee State Park. It was about 13 months ago on April 22, 2017, that Kerr Lake Park Watch broke the story about Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe attending a ground-breaking ceremony for the new park.  We attended uninvited, although some

The waters of Kerr Lake are still rising here on Monday night, just four nights away from one of the biggest camping, picnicking, boating and grilled foods weekends of the year, the extended Memorial Day Weekend. With rains pouring in again this evening, there’s a good chance that the level of Kerr Lake will rise above the 308.5-foot level, and depending on how much rain, the lake could go higher. Affecting the North Carolina side

“I remember the first time an out-of-state visitor asked me about high and low tides at Kerr Lake. I laughed until I cried.” Comment from Kerr Lake Park Watch’s Frank Timberlake, who offers this information about the tide going up this weekend at Kerr Lake.


Spring has sprung and camping season at Kerr Lake has begun and we at Kerr Lake Park Watch want to update on park openings. Although there are some year-round sections that are open during the winter in some of the campgrounds around Kerr Lake, most of them open around Spring. VIRGINIA STATE PARKS The two Virginia State Parks on Kerr Lake opened recently according to Visitor Services Director for Virginia State Parks, Nancy Heltman who

Happy and pretty dry New Year from Kerr Lake.  Kerr Lake is suffering from chronic low tide.  The lake went down in September and has remained uncustomarily low around the 294-foot level for about four months.   Normal lake level is 300 feet above mean sea level.  You can see from the attached USACE graph that the current level is below all measured “should be” levels.  In preparation for at least two hurricanes the U