Kerr Lake Park Watch was notified this afternoon by Michael Womack, the Operations Project Manager for Kerr Lake, that all camping facilities and
day-use areas operated by the U S Army Corps of Engineers are back open according to their regular schedules.

All of the parks operated by the Corps were closed by last Thursday in the partial government shutdown.

The Corps of Engineers has responsibilities for North Bend, Rudd’s Creek, Longwood and Buffalo Creek …

At KLPW, we’ve had a number of campers to say thanks to the NC State Parks KLSRA folks
for finally upgrading some sites, particularly in the electric loop of Hibernia SRA.

Some may be amazed but there are scores of campers who have asked or indicated their willingness to have “clean up” or “fix up” days with volunteers working in the seven (7) state …

“When it comes to government kicking at the people and to the people, add one more insult to injury; that’s right the feds are going to close
Kerr Lake parks right here as leaf season comes into play,” says Kerr Lake Park Watch PA Lead Frank Timberlake.  Kerr Lake facilities owned and operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers
will be closed beginning on Thursday.  Timberlake added, “That means if you are planning to picnic, jog, …

Several months ago KLPW informed you when NC State Parks officials toured some of the Kerr
Lake State Recreation Areas and vowed to make some very badly needed upgrades and rehabs to sites.

State officials viewed, photographed and even measured the sites that KLPW identified as critical. Also, sites that might increase revenue for the parks if properly
renovated with defined sites, more level and convenient to large travel trailers and RV rigs.

The schedule for Kerr Lake State Recreation Areas (7) has been updated and released by the
superintendent over those North Carolina parks.

” We start scaling back after
Labor Day when staffing scales back,” according to Bryce Fleming, the Kerr Lake State Recreation Area Superintendent. “All parks that are closed over the winter are scheduled …