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Here we were almost showing up in the drought column in Piedmont North Carolina and Southside Virginia, then came the rains.  It’s Spring and especially during April, the showers that bring the flowers usually show up.

Kerr Lake is now over 306.5 feet above MSL (Mean Sea Level – 300′ is normal full pool) and rising, expecting to crest between 309 and 310 feet.  A number of U S Army Corps of Engineers and North Carolina State Recreation Areas are either closed or partially closed due to the high waters.  We have had no information out of DCR or the Virginia State Parks.

We are currently posting information about parks and public use areas on Kerr Lake as the information is provided to us.  As the list of boat ramps and campsites inundated by water is constantly changing we will continue to post that information on our Facebook page which you can find at www.facebook.com/kerrlakeparkwatch.

If you have camping reservations from now through the weekend, Kerr Lake Park Watch suggests that you contact the reservation system for the public park entity as individual state and federal rangers may not have the latest information.

Kerr Lake Park Watch has asked the U S Army Corps of Engineers if the QRR Plan (Quasi-Run-of-River) adopted last year will hasten the departure of the flood waters.

In the final analysis, Kerr Lake is a reservoir, not a lake.  And this, well, it’s April and the showers.  You know that story.

Photo of Nutbush area 4/26/17 by Kelly N. Blake

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KERR LAKE PARK WATCH submitted this article recently to area newspapers and several  papers printed it in variations.  For you, our members and visitors, we want to provide you with the entire article as the renovated sites in this story now set the pace for recreational RV camping.  We hope you will contact NC State Parks and/or your legislator and push for more such renovations. 

Campers’ reactions to renovations soar as popularity and reservations of rehab sites goes up.

A team effort from park staffers yields the best designed and most RV camper friendly public campsites in North Carolina state parks and recreation areas, maybe even for all public camping areas. NC State Parks now gets it: define the resource user area with borders, make it close to level, putting most of the campsite surface on the same level, then make it 3 feet for RV/Trailer slides, 8 feet for camper, 8 feet for awning and the rest for a fire pit and a tent site: perfect!


Campsite in 93-99 area before rehabilitation  



Campsite in 93-99 area after rehabilitation

The camping public at Kerr Lake is buzzing about the seven (7) newly rehabilitated campsites at Hibernia State Recreation Area. Campers and Kerr Lake Park Watch agree the renovations are timely and greatly improve the camping experience. The sites were previously in rough shape and mostly very uneven with stumps, washed out sand or a lot of the rock base being the original quartz stones found naturally on the land turned campground over 50 years ago. There is a story within a story here though being the overflowing positive public reaction to the campsites and how they got sort of a miraculous makeover. The latter part of the story will come in a while.

State recreation areas, particularly those at Kerr Lake, differ from state parks for two main reasons: 1) the majority of the visitors come to interact in/with the water, and 2) with variable water levels that sometimes flood some of the campsites, additional planning and site stabilization has to go into campsite construction or renovations. Since many Kerr Lake campers avail themselves of all the space, a site can easily be full with an RV, trailer or a pop-up camper, plus a tent, picnic canopy, floats, cars and more.

Kerr Lake Park Watch asked a camper from Washington, NC about her five day camping stint on Hibernia’s campsite #98 and her comment was, “Absolutely fantastic!  It may be the best campsite we’ve ever stayed on.”

Eddy and Terry Cannady from Oxford, NC were even more emphatic and ecstatic about the new sites as the couple stood and smiled over renovated site #95. Eddy Cannady proudly states that he’s been camping at Kerr Lake for over 40 years and loving it though little has changed until now. “When Terry and I first set eyes on these newly redone campsites, I just yelled ‘Wow, this is (the difference between) night and day’ – they did it all and did it alright!” Cannady said he is most impressed that the sites are mostly level and especially fairly level from side to side, something important in pop-ups, trailers and motorhomes, adding, “The timber layout with the leveling, using real fine gravel for the tent and picnic area, all those things were good but we did not expect the steps, the handrails, the railing around part of the site, even a concrete stoop at the bottom to wipe mud off. These guys did it all and way above anything we’ve seen at this park, Kerr Lake or just about anywhere.”


Eddy Cannady, Oxford, NC talks about new Kerr Lake campsites

Like a number of campers around the Kerr Lake parks, the Cannady’s have been seen for years, cooking, riding bikes, fishing and visiting. There’s a lot of their kind at Kerr Lake. They love it. Demonstrative of that is the fact that Eddy and Terry Cannady were observed by several people earlier in the week picking up trash from a site where someone else left some debris lying around. There was Terry and Eddy picking it up. That’s not uncommon for campers, particularly long term campers who become attached to their particular parks.

“It’s been a long time coming,” said Eddy Cannady speaking of the new site renovations, adding, “It looks like to me that the people in charge would realize they could take a whole lot more money in if they added more electric and water sites here at Kerr Lake and fixed some more up like these.” The Cannady’s noted that they could not get into Hibernia several weeks ago as the couple wanted to camp to celebrate their wedding anniversary. So they booked into another Kerr Lake park, Nutbush. Terry Cannady said it was a different ballgame, “The showers and bathrooms at Nutbush are awful, terrible, slick with slime, just yuk!” Eddy Cannady agreed, “It’s night and day between the new Nutbush boat ramps and the old bathrooms. They need to learn that the better the facilities the more people will come.”

That brings the other part of the story, the story of how Kerr Lake Park Watch worked with the local state parks staff to get this project done. “I have to first give credit to District Superintendent Dave Cook and to Kerr Lake Superintendent Bryce Fleming for finding the funding sources and for having the courage to renovate these seven sites ‘in house’ and for showing everyone else in public parks how to build a better campsite, said Kerr Lake Park Watch’s Frank Timberlake who actually was called in a few times to offer input, even help measure for the renovated campsites.

“Campers are tired of washed out, undefined, unleveled and basically unimproved campsites that are not long enough or wide enough for today’s campers and RV’s. Year after year they pay their money and see little of it come back to the resource and what excites us at Kerr Lake Park Watch is that the guys and gals here at Kerr Lake showed that while they can’t fix everything, they can fix some things and better than anyone outside can do!”

Timberlake added that after seeing the contractor shambles of new sites built a few years ago at Henderson Point, campers and the leaders of Kerr Lake Park Watch were dead set against that happening again at Kerr Lake. His reference is to RV sites that are “split-level” where a camper’s awning covers nothing but the steps and rocks between the camper level and the lower picnic level. They just don’t work. Because most RV’s and trailers have expanding slides of about three feet, the regular camper width of eight feet, an awning width of eight feet, plus an area for tenting, cooking and campfires.

“An amazing thing happened at Kerr Lake that could have impetus on other state recreation areas and state parks all over North Carolina, added Timberlake. “From the district superintendent to the grass mower and all in between, mechanics put down their wrenches, rangers put down their guns, maintenance folks put down their rakes and mops and they all, hear me on this, they all worked together to build something. They cut off the head of some of that old state bureaucracy and they saved North Carolina, and thus the taxpayers, thousands of dollars on a really fine job.” Timberlake concluded, “We’ve got the before and after photos, it’s pretty plain. All who worked on this project are to be commended and let’s not forget the added benefit that came from the different parks workers getting the opportunity to develop a new appreciation for each other and what each other does for the parks, and the positive teambuilding that came out of this significant Kerr Lake camping renovation project. Kerr Lake Park Watch proudly joins the Cannady’s and many other campers and gives our state parks team an “A” for a job well done.”

An August poll of campers just this week using the new sites found only two complaints:  1) “Why didn’t the state put 50 Amp electric service in?” and 2) “Why is the water dropping so fast?”  We answered, “One step at a time, one step.”

### – End –

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Creating a volunteer day has been on the list of things needed of Kerr Lake Park Watch since its creation over four years ago.  It has taken time to materialize and when it did, establishing a Volunteer Day for the NC State Recreation Areas at Kerr Lake came fast due to schedules.  But on April 25th, with a small group of volunteers and a slightly larger diversified park staff group, some great works emerged and some old friendships were strengthened while some new ones began.

Supporting KLPW since its inception, marketing communications firm, R F Timberlake & Company, Inc. has provide public relations, issues and government relations and other valuable contributions.  Seeing what the volunteers at Hibernia did on that day sparked the creative types in the marcom company to create a lasting “thank you” to all who helped, in the hopes that Volunteer Days will develop at all seven NC State Park Recreation Areas on Kerr Lake.

Enjoy the video:  Hibernia Volunteer Day 2015



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Get out your work clothes, hat and work gloves and conjure up a little elbow grease to help get some TO DO’S done in Kerr Lake’s Hibernia, an NC State Recreation Area on Saturday, April 25th.  Hibernia is one of the largest of the seven NC State Recreation Areas on the lake and is located just off NC 39 about a mile north of Townsville.

“We’ve just got some extra things and a little tweaking that the regular staff may or may not have time to do and campers having been telling us that they want to volunteer to help and so the April 25th Volunteer Day just kind of evolved from me and the folks at the office,” said Hibernia Chief Ranger Elliott McDowell, adding, “You have to understand that generations of folks have camped and picnicked here and they want an opportunity to give back to their park.”

McDowell said volunteers and staff will gather Saturday at the picnic shelter between camp areas #2 and #3, at 9:00 AM.  “It’s sort of loosely scheduled from 9:00 AM to 5:00PM, as long as there’s a list and people to work.”

Kerr Lake Park Watch leader Larry Matthews was quick to praise the effort, “This effort by Elliott is absolutely fantastic!  This covers several things we’ve all been seeking: (1) helping to build a comradery between park staff and park users, working on a common goal and developing more than just a police relationship; (2) pointing out park needs, improvements and tweaks from the user’s point of view to the staff; and (3) actually working on our park that we so much appreciate and enjoy.”  Matthews has completely turned around his schedule in order to help.

Another charter member of KLPW Tom Elmore resounded Matthews approval, “We asked, we asked, we asked and now we’re all going to be doing.  All of us who asked for this need to be there, ready to help improve ‘our park.’   Elliott pointed out that is a tight time table but feels the volunteer time needs to happen before the park gets really busy.”

“What a great effort on the part of Ranger McDowell, if only a few hours of work are completed by a small band of folks, added KLPW Lead for Public Affairs Frank Timberlake.  “We will be there with work shoes and gloves on!  I just hope this gets contagious at the other NC parks, plus the Virginia State Parks and Corps of Engineers parks around the lake.  Five generations of my family have and are attached to Kerr Lake and its parks and we feel much more ownership than the government.  We’ve paid a boatload of fees over the years and we don’t mind a little work to add to the joy we’ve received, added Timberlake.”

“Information on this hasn’t really gotten out.  The Kerr Lake park office had no information on it when we called and there’s nothing up on the state website and the short time notice is a bit of a hinderance, but all supporters of the park have to do is share this info and just show up and help the staff.  It’s also a good time for local folks in Granville, Vance and Warren  counties to get familiar with their parks for just a little effort,” commented the Kerr Lake native Timberlake, “Come on! We’ll even find you a drink and some nabs!”



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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs Kerr Lake Park Watch is focusing on sharing and showing improvements and new construction on any and all public properties around the shores of Kerr Lake, a new project on the eastern bank of the North Carolina side of Kerr Lake is nearing completion.

The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is building a new two-lane boat ramp and parking lot at County Line Park which straddles the Vance-Warren County lines.

The really hot feature of the construction project is a brand new fishing pier complete with places for leaning rods for different height fishermen and even a few benches.

Kerr Lake Park Watch member and good photographer Mike Sawaya captured these photos of the new fishing pier at County Line today.  Though the pier and the boat docks are mostly finished, work must now be completed on the parking lot.

Whether you are one of the nearly 300 members of Kerr Lake Park Watch or not (and why aren’t you?) feel free to share your pictures of the good and the bad you see at Kerr Lake.  Just indicate whether to use your name or not in the email with the pictures you send to: info@kerrlakeparkwatch.org!

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The 306’ water level at Kerr Lake is anticipated to lower to only about 305-feet above sea level for this weekend, the Memorial Day holiday.  In a testy, if not often heated meeting yesterday, the US Army Corps of Engineers took repeated questions and some direct hits from downstream farmers, the Roanoke River Basin Association, Kerr Lake Park Watch, other groups and citizens for varied concerns about the current high water.

A rain system entering the watershed last Thursday dumped as much as six inches of rain and was pretty much on target to be right over the areas of Kerr and its tributaries.   It caused a swift increase in the lake level from about 301.5’ to almost 307’ in the past few days.  That fact had people from various groups including Kerr Lake Park Watch asking the Corps in yesterday’s meeting, “Why is there a reduced flow of 15,000 CFS instead of 20,000 or 35,000 CFS (cubic feet per second of water flow)? The answer given is that it is a critical time for Striped Bass making their way from the ocean up the Roanoke River to spawn.  If the water flow is too great, the fish don’t reproduce well.

While that answer may appease some, it’s not the best of news for campers at Kerr Lake.  “We understand that the lake is a complex entity for flood control, power generation, farming considerations, recreation, saving Virgin Cyprus trees and spawning fish,” commented Kerr Lake Park Watch Public Affairs Lead, Frank Timberlake, “But it’s tough, especially on the North Carolina side to tell 25% of the campers with reservations that they don’t have a spot for the first big camping holiday of the year, and it’s a site they had already reserved. Being four feet over the Corps’ guide curve because of striped bass is hard to explain to those folks; I’d certainly hate to try to explain it.  Kerr Lake is its own Geo-Tourism area and we have to continue to make sure that fact ranks and ranks high with lake decision-makers.

Bryce Fleming, Superintendent of the seven NC Kerr Lake State Recreation areas told KLPW today, “We have 150 campsites park-wide that will be unusable this weekend based on the current prediction.  The call center has a list of all impacted sites and is contacting all impacted campers via telephone and/or email.  The most recent lake level prediction for the beginning of Memorial Day weekend is about 305’ and continuing to recede slowly afterwards. That said, if campers want to check to make sure their sites are not flooded, they can call the park office at (252) 438-7791.”  Fleming added, “I know the timing of this flood is frustrating for Kerr Lake campers.  It is frustrating for us too because, up until 5/16, we were looking at having one of the best Memorial Day weekends in years.  I am updating the ALERT on our website today to make it current, www.ncparks.gov.”

Campgrounds under the operation of the US Army Corps of Engineers on the Virginia side of Kerr Lake have fared much better because typically, they are on higher ground.  “We have only about 15 campsites off our grid,” said Michael Womack, the OPS MGR for the Corps at Kerr.   â€œWe have contacted our campers that are impacted by the flooding of the sites listed above.  We have been able to accommodate all of our camping reservations for the weekend. If people have additional questions concerning Corps operated facilities they can call the Visitor Assistance Center at (434) 738-6143. We are hoping that we will be at 305 by Friday/Saturday but we will have to continue monitor inflows and adjust as needed.”  As the lake level lowers public areas affected return to public access and use.

Yesterday’s Corps meeting of the water management group provided some information that some swim areas, beaches and boat ramps on the Virginia side are closed.  The two Virginia State Parks on Kerr Lake are apparently not affected.  For the NC side, Fleming also confirmed that boat ramps, flooded bridges and that information will be updated on the park’s website.

Meanwhile, 25% of those campers who have plans for Kerr Lake on the North Carolina side will need to rethink what their family and friends will be for the upcoming holiday weekend.


FIND OUT WHEN WE DO…www.facebook.com/kerrlakeparkwatch or www.kerrlakeparkwatch.org.

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Kerr Lake Park Watch has issued a HIGH WATER NOTICE for Memorial Day Weekend.  Several KLPW members constantly monitor the water level of Kerr Lake which is measured hourly by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  The normal “full pool” level is 300 feet.  That means that the lake level is 300 feet above mean sea level.

KLPW member Larry Matthews is one of those who has kept a sharp eye on the water level for years.  “I monitor the lake level every morning and my wife will tell you that I’m anal about it,” said Matthews.

Matthews pointed out that the lake has risen over six (6) feet since last Thursday (5/15/14).  He added, “There’s a lot of the public areas at Hibernia for camping and picnicking that are pretty much totally underwater, mostly due to last Thursday’s monsoons.”

Matthews is referring to heavy rains that moved into the Kerr Lake area last Thursday and dumped multiple inches of rain into the lake and widely over the lake’s watershed.  Matthews recorded a lake level of 306.94 this morning and at 10:00 PM the lake level was 306.76.

Matthews offered Memorial Day weekend visitors and campers some pre-checking advice, “If you are planning on camping this weekend at Kerr Lake, especially on sites around the water, you better check with your respective park reservation system or park officials about the availability of your campsite.”

Kerr Lake’s high water level comes at a particularly bad time as Memorial Day Weekend is an unofficial kick off to all things water and outdoors at the lake.  The Memorial Day holiday, July Fourth, and Labor Day are the three highest attendance weekends out of every year.  Traditionally, most parks book every campsite, picnic shelter and facilities on those three holidays.

Kerr Lake Park Watch has sent the three agencies responsible for camping on the lake request for information in order to ascertain how many sites may removed from the camping inventory due to flooding.

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Ask a simple question and finally, months later, you get an answer.  Kerr Lake Park Watch greatly acknowledges the efforts of Michael T Womack, Operations Project Manager at John H. Kerr Reservoir, in securing answers about the recreational effects of coal ash on the lake’s visitors.

Quietly and unobtrusively last week, the Virginia Department of Health and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services put out a joint statement or “fact sheet” declaring that direct exposure to coal ash can cause skin irritation.  The big news is that recreational contact with Kerr Lake water should cause no threat to humans with regard to the coal ash spill.  Regarding the eating of fish from Kerr Lake, there is important information as to why you should not consume certain species of fish from Kerr Lake.  That warning has little, if nothing, to do with coal ash. 

While the “Kerr Lake is OK” statements give our two million annual visitors to Kerr approval to swim, wade, fish, ski, tube and wallow in the water, the two departments use very guarded, certainly not emphatic approval, yet, it is what all of people have been clamoring for, an answer.

Late yesterday, the EPA issued an update stating that coal ash is currently not a threat to users of Kerr Lake.  The statement added, “B
eginning early April, the EPA started collecting sediment samples for Polarized Light Microscopy (PLM) analysis. In this analytical method, samples are examined under a microscope by a trained analyst to visibly identify and count the types of material present (sand, clay, coal ash, etc.). The purpose of PLM analysis is to identify what percentage ash may be present in a sediment sample. Eleven locations were sampled from the Staunton River State Park and into the Kerr Reservoir. All PLM data collected to date in the Kerr Reservoir is non-detect for coal ash. 

Sampling of water quality, sediments and fish tissues will continue in Kerr Reservoir for as long as it is necessary to make sure the lake is safe for recreational uses. Collection of samples is being conducted by an interagency team that includes specialists with the VADEQ, NCDENR, FWS, and EPA.”

“I’ve been over a third of this lake by boat in the past five days and I see no difference, and I am glad that someone had the gumption to step up and give those of us who camp, picnic, boat and the like on Kerr Lake, the OK to enjoy it again this year.  Few people can count how high the economic impact of the 2 million plus visitors annually to Kerr,” commented KLPW’s spokesman Frank Timberlake.  “We had 7 no-show campers this weekend at the park we’re in and it surely wasn’t bad weather.  We’ve needed a definitive recreational use answer on coal ash for the last 60 days. A week later than the states but we’re glad to finally hear some positive news from the EPA.”

Here are the main questions and answers from VDH and NC DHHS:

Is exposure to coal ash harmful?

Coal ash is a gray, sand-like waste material that is made up of silica minerals and metals. Direct skin contact with coal ash, or with water and sediment containing coal ash, may cause skin irritation. The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services continue to work with federal, state, and local agencies to evaluate water, sediment and fish sampling data and keep residents informed of any health risks.

Is it safe to swim and boat in Kerr Reservoir?

Sample results from the reservoir (for metals) are well below levels of concern for recreational use. However, if a swimmer comes in contact with what appears to be coal ash, health officials recommend thoroughly washing off with soap and water. Illness may occur from other lake water contaminants not associated with coal ash, such as bacteria and viruses. For that reason, it is important that swimmers always avoid swallowing any untreated or unfiltered lake water. If you swallow lake water and become ill, please seek medical attention.

Is it safe to eat fish from Kerr Reservoir?

Due to historical activities not associated with the coal ash release, VDH has an existing fish consumption advisory for the Kerr Reservoir and it includes the Dan River and parts of the Hyco and Banister rivers. Certain species of fish in these waters contain elevated levels of methylmercury and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Results of the analysis of fish tissue samples collected from the Dan River after the coal ash release do not warrant additional fish consumption advisories. For more information, visit: www.vdh.virginia.gov/epidemiology/DEE/ PublicHealthToxicology/Advisories/.

Kerr Lake in North Carolina is covered by a statewide ban on eating largemouth bass due to methylmercury. For more information on fish consumption advisories in North Carolina visit: epi.publichealth.nc.gov/oee/fish/advisories.html.

What should I do if I see dry coal ash on the banks of Kerr Reservoir?

If you see what appears to be ash on the banks of the reservoir, call Southside Health District at 434-738-6815 with site directions. Your call will be routed appropriately. You may also email the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at JHKERR@usace.army.mil. If you come in contact with what appears to be ash, wash off with soap and water. Do not kick the ash up and/or do not try to remove it yourself.

Coal ash, which is said to be more radioactive than uranium, is the waste material left after coal is burned and it contains arsenic, mercury, lead, and over a dozen other heavy metals, many of them toxic. 

The US Army Corps of Engineers has been seeking information on recreational safety of Kerr Lake waters as well as Kerr Lake Park Watch and other groups.  The EPA says it will continue ongoing monitoring of Kerr Lake as well as the Dan River.


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Larry Matthews is a dedicated camper and has been camping at Kerr Lake most of his life.  He is also one of the strong supporters of KLPW and what park logistics that are unfamiliar to him, he makes up with good common sense.  Mr. Matthews wrote this item as a comment.  We felt that the KLPW members and readers deserved to see this most excellent idea directly on the blog.

“Did you see that Crowders Mountain park was named NC Park of the year? (http://www.wral.com/crowders-mountain-named-nc-park-of-the-year/13256185/) I found it very interesting that one of the key factors that led to Crowders Mountain park receiving the recognition was “regular volunteer work days”. Once again I’ll beat this seemingly dead horse, volunteer work days at the NC parks on Kerr Lake would help the low budgeted and understaffed park management team to do a lot of good around the lake.

NC PARKS NORTH REGION AND KERR LAKE PARK MANAGEMENT TEAM, IF YOU ARE LISTENING…..you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Simply reach out to your peers down at Crowder Mountain and use their volunteer plan as the basis for a similar plan for parks on Kerr Lake. With effective planning and communications to Kerr Lake campers, volunteer days would be a big success.”

The rest of the leadership of Kerr Lake Park Watch agrees with Mr. Matthews.  N C STATE PARKS, VIRGINIA STATE PARKS and the U S ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS need to quickly review a composite of working parks volunteer programs and institute volunteer efforts.  Then enact a volunteer effort and see what happens.

And just in case any of you PARK MANAGERS encounter any bureaucratic stumbling blocks from other government agencies, please inform us so that we can take citizen complaint and/or legal action and publicly identify those impeding agencies and personnel to remove the bureaucracy and achieve worthy public goals.

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Several months ago KLPW informed you when NC State Parks officials toured some of the Kerr Lake State Recreation Areas and vowed to make some very badly needed upgrades and rehabs to sites. 

State officials viewed, photographed and even measured the sites that KLPW identified as critical.  Also, sites that might increase revenue for the parks if properly renovated with defined sites, more level and convenient to large travel trailers and RV rigs.

Those plans are out and although they are not drawn to scale, which is somewhat questionable, they clearly show marked improvements.  If you want your opinion and comments to count then you need to send them directly to: 

    Bryce Fleming

    Park Superintendent

    Kerr Lake State Recreation Area

    6254 Satterwhite Point Road

    Henderson, NC 27537

    (252) 438-7791


KLPW has been notified by Superintendent Fleming that public input on these site renovations can be made, but should be made quickly.

KLPW asked to be involved with reviewing the site renovation plans since the group is completely made up of the people who have to back the RV’s into the sites and make the site work with equipment.

If you want to give some input as to the size or layout of those sites or as to the proposed angle that a camper would have to back in an RV into the site, please make your voice known now.

Below you will find all the plans for renovations.  PLEASE COMMENT BACK TO KLSRA & FEEL FREE TO COMMENT BELOW.

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