In a storm series that lasted almost all night long last night at Hibernia and other parks on Kerr Lake, an indirect lightning jolt knocked down three campers on one of Hibernia’s lake side camping areas.

Emergency and fire crews showed up at the park shortly before 11:00 PM on Sunday night.  One person was taken to an area hospital and treated and released.

The persons knocked down were actually several campsites away from a tall tree which was struck in its top.  The strike knocked off bark and strips of wood and showered several vehicles, campers and boats.

Other than slight injuries, there was only minor damage with some campers losing power, some breakers and fuses.

Satterwhite Point was hit earlier with strong storms that damaged a camper and other facilities there.

Kerr Lake Park Watch recently carried a lightning warning story on its Facebook page (June 25th post) that pointed that of the top four most dangerous places to be in a lightning storm:

1) Fishing
2) Camping
3) Boating
4) Soccer

The campers knocked down by lightning were outside at the time of the storm.  Campers directly under the tree that was struck had just gone into their camper when the strike occurred.

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