NC State Parks officials from Raleigh today began drawing plans for campsite upgrades for seven (7) waterfront and water view existing sites at Hibernia State Recreation Area.  District Superintendent Dave Cook and the state parks landscape architect, Nigel Clark met with Kerr Lake Superintendent Bryce Fleming, Kerr Lake Maintenance Chief Chris Curl and Kerr Lake Park Watch’s Frank Timberlake to consider upgrade options.

Though water and electric, many Kerr Lake SRA sites are still rough and unimproved.  For several years and especially this year, betterment of sites by leveling and defining the sites with borders has been a top priority of Kerr Lake Park Watch. It was recently at the top of a list delivered to state parks officials in the form of a priority improvements list.

“I see the leadership making an effort from the top down to better understand that regular campers want to see improvements and investments made in their parks here on Kerr Lake before acquiring more parks and land here and there around the state,” said KLPW’s Public Affairs head Frank Timberlake who met earlier with state park administrators and who was at Hibernia today for today’s planning and measurement efforts. 

“The leadership in Raleigh and here on Kerr Lake has responded. I noticed when I launched a boat Sunday that the boat launch access road has been patched and widened some with gravel, nonetheless improved and we like that, “commented Timberlake.

Defining sites with timbers and bringing sites closer to level is extremely beneficial to RV campers and is also beneficial to the land resource as campers tend to stay in boundary-marked areas more.  The sites at Hibernia slated for upgrade are in Area 2 and include sites 93 to 99 which do not flood as much as some of the lower elevation waterfront sites.

“After the initial drawings are made and approvals given, we hope to complete the work on these sites after the season, hopefully late fall,” commented Cook.  KLPW maintains that the more electric and water sites there are that are defined and fairly level, the more revenue Kerr Lake State Recreation Areas will take in.

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  1. Mike Sawaya July 9, 2013

    Thanks to KLPW and Frank Timberlake for maintaining the focus on these much needed improvements. Sites 93 to 99 have long needed significant improvements so that they can accommodate a full size R/V with room for a family to really enjoy these sites.


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