(Clarksville, VA)  As midsummer approaches, trees are coming down and the slope of the hills of Area B Campground are giving way as earth movers give that tract of land a makeover into what will eventually become a marina.  A groundbreaking ceremony was held on the site in mid-June (More info from SOVANOW.COM).  Having been discussed for years, the marina is now located in what most consider the best area being the proximity of theRead More


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on July 28, 2011


On our sister Facebook page KLPW recently showed a comparison of a couple of the restrooms at Hibernia State Recreation Area with those at a state park.   Shown below in the brown are one of the brand new bathroom facilities at Raven Rock State Park.  Shown to the right is a 60’s era bathroom facility at Hibernia SRA.             Staff and campers are extremely frustrated with the poor restroom facilities in Area I of Hibernia State Recreation Area. Read More

The Kerr Lake Park Watch or KLPW for short, has been established by campers and park users who visit NC State Recreation Areas and Virginia State Parks on Kerr Lake, as well as  parks & recreational facilities operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  KLPW was founded in 2010 by Frank Timberlake, a native of Granville County.  As a former board member of several parks and recreation boards and as a park activist, Timberlake has spent more than 30Read More


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on July 26, 2011


Welcome to the WEB/BLOG version of KERR LAKE PARK WATCH.  You can also find us on Facebook under the same name. HERE’S A LIST OF PARKS THAT ARE CURRENTLY INCLUDED IN KERR LAKE PARK WATCHUS Army Corp of EngineersNorth Bend ParkPalmer Point ParkRudd’s Creek CampgroundLongwood CampgroundIsland Creek ParkIvy Hill ParkGrassy Creek ParkVirginia State ParksOcconeechee State ParkStaunton River State ParkNorth Carolina State Recreation AreasKimball Point SRACounty Line SRABullocksville SRASatterwhite Point SRANutbush SRAHibernia SRAHenderson Point SRA  Read More