The following is a guest article/news release sent to Kerr Lake Park Watch from a group of Kerr Lake area
citizens concerned about coal ash headed by Deborah Ferruccio.

Local citizens are joining with concerned environmental and civic groups in a meeting Thursday evening in Henderson, NC to form a coalition for the purpose of monitoring and cleaning up Kerr Lake
waters in light of the coal ash spill several months ago.The organizational meeting of …

WE NEED YOUR HELP! Ok, coal ash is in Kerr Lake. We’ve known that since mid-February. We simply want an “official in the know” not any opportunistic politician, to tell us Kerr Lake IS or IS NOT safe
for human recreational interaction. PUSH your local, state and/or federal representative to demand the answer. You are a citizen. It’s about time you acted like one and become involved! …

The NC DENR bosses are pushing the Director of the Division of Water Resources to soften his remarks that coal ash
is in Kerr Lake.  Tom Reeder, who Kerr Lake Park Watch interviewed about two months ago, who said coal ash was in the upper convergence waters of Kerr Lake, is getting pressure from
his bosses to recant that.

As usual, most involved agencies claim they are studying or testing Kerr …

Government officials easily answer that coal ash is in Kerr Lake. Kerr Lake Park Watch’s
question about coal ash, after two and a half months, still remains unanswered.

Will Kerr Lake be safe this visitor season for the people who visit the public parks, day-use areas, boat ramps, campgrounds, etc., considering that visitors come to have some form of interaction
with the water?  Is the water safe for humans, for fish and plant life?  That’s what …

It could be a kid gnawing on a chicken leg in the edge of the water, a senior citizen walking briskly through one
of the parks on Kerr Lake, or it could be someone lazily floating just off the shore of one of the lake’s many public areas.

It could be that special and magical fishing moment. People ask
us a lot, especially lately, why KERR …