Hearing the news that the EPA, the Virginia Department of Health and the NC Department of Health & Human
Resources said, “It’s OK to play in Kerr Lake today” it seems like that the even the wildlife around the lake knows that something is up, maybe even better. At Kerr Lake Park
, we think the news didn’t come a minute to soon, and for now, is something to soar about.

Ask a simple question and finally, months later, you get an answer. Kerr Lake Park Watch greatly acknowledges the
efforts of Michael T Womack,
Operations Project Manager at John H. Kerr Reservoir, in securing answers about the recreational effects of
coal ash on the lake’s visitors.

Quietly and unobtrusively last week, the Virginia Department of Health and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services put out a

COAL ASH? Do we know the current safety level of Kerr Lake? No! Because
NO PUBLIC AGENCY will speak to that. So we’ll head on to the picnic areas and campsites…because it’s time to PIG OUT KERR LAKE STYLE!

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Last week Tom Reeder, the director of DENR’s Division of Water Resources, emphatically told lawmakers that no coal ash deposits have been found to date in
Kerr Lake.

“There’s been a lot of anecdotal reporting about ash in Kerr Lake,” Reeder said at an Environmental Review Commission meeting.

He added …

Over 100 people crowded into a Henderson library late last week with one subject on their
collective minds…coal ash in Kerr Lake.Deborah Ferruccio, a Kerr Lake enthusiast and activist and others felt they needed a forum and to see if there are common bonds moving forward on
securing more information about the ramifications of coal ash in Kerr Lake and in securing cleanup and reparation from Duke Power, the originator of the spill of …