WITH HIGH WATER CAMPSITE CLOSURES FOR MEMORIAL WEEKEND – Spawning Striped Bass in Roanoke River Get Nod/Blame for Slow Release

The 306’ water level at Kerr Lake is anticipated to lower to only about 305-feet above sea level
for this weekend, the Memorial Day holiday. In a testy, if not often heated meeting yesterday, the US Army Corps of Engineers took repeated questions …

Kerr Lake Park Watch has issued a HIGH WATER NOTICE for Memorial Day Weekend.  Several KLPW members constantly monitor the water level of Kerr Lake which is measured hourly by the US Army Corps of Engineers.  The normal “full pool” level is 300 feet.  That means that the lake level is 300 feet above mean … Read more

Within a matter of days, Staunton River opens for a new
season and this year that’s not all that’s new.

At Staunton River State Park, preparations are under
way for the 2014 summer season opening. Although park manager Adam Layman is certainly not new to the park, he officially assumed the position of manager last November. Over the winter,

When the original campsites were put in around Kerr Lake in the 1960’s most consisted of a graded off site, sloped
in relation to the ground around and fairly unlevel. Then came the lean-to’s, the tents and a few trailers. A good site might have some gravel spewed across it and a picnic table. Then came
20-amp electric service and shared water but the campsites still remained “undefined” meaning it had no borders. Campground borders keep …

The Division of State Parks in North Carolina is reaching out to you who use state parks and more importantly to the members of Kerr Lake Park Watch, those of you who use the seven (7) SRA’s or State Recreation Areas of Kerr Lake, to tell the leaders of state parks what you want out … Read more