As Kerr Lake Park Watch is focusing on sharing and showing improvements and new construction on any and all public properties around the shores of Kerr Lake, a new project on the eastern bank of the North Carolina side of Kerr Lake is nearing completion. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission is building a new two-lane boat … Read more

If you are camping or boating near Bullocksville and Satterwhite Point this weekend, you may notice that the Kerr
Lake Triathlon will get underway from Bullocksville State Recreation Area Sunday morning.

Up to 350 swimmers, bikers and runners will compete in the Sunday event that brings participants from all over the country as it is a sanctioned event.

That also means that boat traffic will be watching and covering swimmers from Bullocksville to Satterwhite …

While a few more sites are being rehabilitated on the NC side of Kerr Lake, some huge renovations are taking place
on the Virginia side. A new marina operator is gearing up on the NC side and a new marina is being built on the Virginia side of Kerr Lake.

As shown in the picture below, the Turner Family is camping in a newly renovated electric and water site that’s part of the 600 sites operated in the …

It’s not really polite, but let’s have a little plain toilet talk. Forget
the problems of government, forget bureaucracies that move at a snail’s pace, there comes a time when human decency, that means that we as a people act more like people than animals, must come
back to the forefront of the way we as people behave.

I, being Frank Timberlake, the head blogger here at Kerr Lake Park …

As the busiest weekend of the year at Kerr Lake moves forward in the sunshine, the rain remnants of flooded campsites remind us that nearly
25 percent of the campers at the seven NC State Recreation Areas on the North Carolina side are not getting their Memorial Day holiday at Kerr Lake.

WRAL’s Tara Lynn updates the situation:

The lake’s level is still near 305 feet above sea level.